One Flew Over the Crane's Nest

I took a break from sewing to make something for all of you, inspired by a project in the Feb. 2010 issue of BurdaStyle:
the paper crane mobile!
Ta da! I'll show you how to make one step by step, but for a good video on making origami cranes, click HERE. It gives you step by step instructions for making these, and much more in depth than Burda's.

YOU WILL NEED: paper [scrapbook or regular, your choice], scissors, needle and thread, florist wire [I used the brown cloth covered one], twigs [optional].

1. Twist wire into desired ring, twist ends together to hold shape.

2. Incorporate twigs by weaving them through the "nest" and twisting wire around them.

3. Make desired amount of paper cranes [I used 9] following instructions with the youtube like above.

4. Thread needle with strong thread, single ply, and knot it very well.
5. Poke needle up through bottom of crane through the center of its back, knot if desired.

6. Position crane in desired spot and length, knot to "nest" tightly.

7. Continue with other cranes. You can double or triple the cranes per thread if you want.

8. Attach 4 long pieces of thread to opposite sides of the circle, and make a knot at the top. This will be the part from which you may hang your mobile.

8. Enjoy your amazing new decor!

Hope you like it as much as I do!

Even Arthur was getting in on the action.

And then, a slightly blasphemic shot of me, seeing as Easter soon approaches. [Loooove ya Jesus!]

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