No Poo Grease Monkey

Not "no poop," neanderthal.
No poo.
Short for no shampoo.
I haven't used shampoo, conditioner, or gel in over 2 weeks.
Am I crazy? Maybe.
Two weeks in and I think I have enough oil to solve the energy crisis.
I'm writing this as motivation to keep going!

The back story: 


[Tutorial] DIY Fur Collar

Winter is Coming!

I bought a DKNY wool coat at Goodwill for $10. And it's really nice and all, it just needed a little spicing up! So I decided to use my faux chinchilla fur I've had for forever to make a fur collar to go on top. And it is just enough to make the coat look fabulous.

The Inspiration:

DIY Fur Collar Tutorial

You will need:

Faux fur (mine is from fabric.com)
Heavy interfacing (I had heavy fusible interfacing around)
Lining fabric (from the  scrap pile at Joann Fabrics)
Pattern paper (or old wrapping paper, like I used!)
Good fabric shears
Pins, needle, and thread
Sweater clasp or fur hooks (in the button aisle)

Let's get started!


I Tried It: Homemade Ginger Ale [Float]

A Tribute to Woody (Homemade Ginger Ale Float)

Root beer floats have a very special place in my heart. One of my best memories of my grandfather is of him making them for me. Ginger ale also is nostalgic for me; I always have ginger ale on airplane flights and drinking it makes me think of the wonderful places I've had the opportunity to visit. I'm also a ginger junkie--ginger tea, ginger stir fry, candied ginger...it's just awesome.

I've also made more pitiful attempts at making ginger ale than I can shake a stick at (see failed attempts here).

So when I saw this Ginger Ale Float Recipe on Food52,  I was sold.

By far, one of the easiest and most delicious from-scratch recipes you'll ever find. You just chop up some ginger, simmer it with some water and sugar, strain it, and you are pretty much good to go. The ginger ale itself is top notch, but the ice cream is really straight up phenomenal.

It takes under 20 minutes, I'd say, start to finish. The ingredients are very simple. Ginger ale junkies need to try this.


Motivation Monday

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933921_10151595736523395_1839488825_n.jpg (960×960)

My eShakti.com Experience

Okay, here's a little secret. I'm kind of obsessive, especially with clothes and my crafting. If one itsy bitsy thing is off what I want it to be, then I don't want to wear/use/eat/decorate with it at all.

So a while ago I was on the hunt for the perfect dress. For me, here was the perfect recipe:

  • Kelly green or emerald green, would settle for forest green if necessary
  • Compensates for my larger bust and shoulders and my smaller waist
  • Sleeves--I want to be able to wear this to church or for a date...multipurpose
  • Not a low neckline, but still interesting
  • Knee length, again so I can wear it everywhere
  • Easy to clean/care for
  • Simple yet adorable
Okay, that's not even the whole list. But I'm very particular when I buy clothes. 
So I go on the hunt. 


Nowhere on the internet did they have what I wanted. Albeit it was like December and no one was thinking "green knee-length sundresses" but even now in July, you'd never be able to find something that fit my criteria.

But then I stumbled onto eShakti.com, a site full of the most adorable and customizable dresses, shirts, and skirts. Bingo.


Fur Collar Teaser

who's excited for a fur collar tutorial??



[Tutorial] DIY Dye Palooza!

Here's a new photo tutorial for you all, I hope it helps you save time and effort in your crafting!


My Winter Break Bucket List

1. Go to the midnight showing of Les Miserables
2. Spend Christmas with my family
3. Finish a book!
4. Go to Mexico
5. See my friends from high school
6. Survive December 21st, 2012
7. Play Nancy Drew CD games
8. Finish my application for my minor at school

My CRAFT Bucket List:

1. Making something like this: