[Tutorial] DIY High/Low skirt

Hey, all! This spring break gave the Midwest record temperatures, so I made something to go along with the steamy temperatures. It's easy, cheap, and fast. And it looks kind of awesome when you walk, so without further ado:

Take a skirt from this...                                                       to this!
 1. Find a skirt. A long one. The longer it is, the more drastic your hemline can  be. I picked out big cotton ones with bold, summer-y patterns from the Goodwill for like $3 each! First, make sure they fit you around the waist, and then worry about the hemlines.

2. Figure out where you want the short "mini" part of your skirt to start. I put on the skirt and just kind of eyeballed it, leaving enough room for seam allowance and marked it out. 
 3. Start cutting. Patiently.  Fold the skirt so that the middle front and back are on the edges, like shown. I have seen another tutorial on this skirt DIY, but the cutting style wasn't working for me. Here's my first attempt:

It just looked funny to me. So I got a little crazy with the scissors and cut a large "S" curve, cutting straight across for 8 inches or so, then curving down toward the hem, and then not finishing the final curve of the "S" until I was almost at the back hem of the skirt. Here's what the final hem looked like. The middle front is at the bottom of the picture, the middle back is at the top: 

4. You're basically done! Hemming is kind of optional, I guess. Just press the hem over twice, sew it with a machine or by hand, and you're done!

Experiment with different types of patterns and skirts!

Stay crafty, my friends.


  1. Yay! I'm so excited to try this out :) I just bought a calf-length skirt yesterday for $2 that will look so cute cropped. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. What was the pattern of your cutting in the skirt in the last picture? Thanks!

    1. By pattern, I meant pattern of the fabric! I cut it the same way :)

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