Creation spawns from despair.

I am so angry, words cannot describe.

I was planning a bake sale fundraiser to help my friend and drum major, Sara, be financially able to go on our band's annual trip. And today, the assistant principal shut it down, because, as she said, the "event is too small." I could not use enough bad words to describe the situation--I'm crushed.

But when I'm angry, I shop. So I went to Joann. Always a good place to let your mind unwind, enjoy the pleasant new selection I fancy very much [seriously! the best fabric in a LONG time].

And so in my frustration, I bought some of this lil beauty:

I dreamt about this fabric. Swiss dots are...well, I will find out! And how it was made to go with a a slightly voluminous shirt in an effort to like my body in such tops. And then I realized that I already owned its soul mate:

What a match made in heaven! I guess I found the white on the model very inspirational?Whatever, I look amazing in white when I'm not as pale as a beluga whale. I don't know if I like the frilly looking chest detail or the tie strings...I was kind of going for minimalistic teenager [ha, now ain't that an oxymoron?!] But I do enjoy the tunic length and the V-neck and the puffed sleeves. And no zippers since this'll be a top! WEIRD.

I dunno. It could be a disaster. =)

I am very excited to see the outcome.

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