What I'm stalking right now...

I am currently on the hunt for the most amazing high-waisted jeans pattern ever.
It has been strenuous, hours poring over patterns, but nothing looks quite right. I put on my camouflage pants and a bandana and headed out into Joann's. Nothing. Not one poor creature with even a hope of being perfect. They're all scummy mom jeans. [!!! There. THERE! I said it. Forgive me, beloved pattern companies.] No one wants pants that come up to your belly button unless you look hot in them. Seriously.

And just when I was ditching the idea completely, it hit me.

From BurdaStyle there is a pattern that just might be brilliant...

Can you say ciao, Bella!? This is the Bella pattern, which, alas, is not one of their free patterns, but for $4.00 it is so worth it. Now if only I had a credit card...ha. I mean, look at how the waist is high but not frumpy: genius! The legs are loose to ward off the m*m jean effect. This one they made is a little baggy...but that isn't a hard fix. The pleated pockets concern me...but if I hate them that's not so bad a fix either. In any case, definitely more in-jean-ious than a lot of jean patterns out there. Oh man, do I crack myself up!

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