While my sewing machine gently weeps...

Oh, the horrid nature of it all!
This is the end, ladies and gentlemen.
This has never happened to me before.

The Allusion dress started so strong! I bought enough fabric for the skirt and now...I just hate the sight of it! All that work on Hong Kong seam finishes...and I love the fabric so very much...How could this have happened?

The gathering is all wrong. The seams are warped because it's a stretch cotton. It's slightly sheer. It doesn't fit. When was I stupid enough to not see all of this??
I am crushed.

In any case, this will be the first time a project goes unfinished in my hands. I hate it that much.  I hate it so much there will not be a picture to show my humiliation to the sewing world. I hang my head in shame. Perhaps today when I go to Northwestern University people will jeer at me. That would make me feel much better.

I guess I'll need to make it up to everyone on the next projects.
And I will.
Oh, and how!

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