So basically...
I have an octopus ring.
And you don't.

Hey, guys! Meet my pet that made it all the way from Hong Kong today! It only took almost 6 weeks to arrive, but he's here now! My octopus doesn't have a name yet but I'm liking Emilio (after Emilio Aguinaldo of course.) My parents think it is the ugliest thing ever but I've always been a sucker for ugly things I guess. I adore it. It's fat and chunky and stares at your nemeses across the room.

He loves me, too!

We've bonded so much in the past three hours that we even played dress up together with my new 60s style jacket and obnoxiously round glasses from Target, both of things I've also recently aquired and adored. Especially the glasses.

As for sewing, it's going to be impossible to do anything until after mid May. I have AP history and language tests to prepare for, and I have to make a math video, and I have to blablablabla...It's just hectic. I have a jacket I'm working on now, but it's just not happening right now. It's army green [my seriously favorite color right now!] and really cool, but the forest green zipper is just clashing and I'm too lazy to rip it out. Ah, well. It just can't ruin my super happy mood. Ben is going to the University of Illinois and NOT Hawaii so he'll be close and getting super smart and I might go there too so I'm so excited for him! And I got some liquid eyeliner for the first time, too, which is why I look so fiercee. Meow.
Gosh I'm lazy.

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