What I'm Loving: Peter Pan Collars

How can a collar be so versatile? It's school girl, vintage, modern, sweet, playful, and just about a zillion other things that cannot be found in any of my wardrobe pieces. You know what that means--it means I've been mildly obsessing over this little scrap of fabric around one's neck that I must have/draft/buy so I can make millions of peter pan collared-goodness. Here's some inspiration for my compulsions:

I watched Gertie's vlog on how to draft such a pattern...I think this was the reason we've become smitten, that darn collar and I. But now you, too can draft your very own sewing ambrosia [I'm really liking that word] and be as adorable (well, maybe close) as me! I'm definitely gonna be doing the sailorish colors--possibly a removable bow? Velvet, I'd guess. Mmm. My mouth is watering.

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