WTF? I'm hooked.

As disturbing as Lady GaGa's music video for her song "Telephone," I have to say it's quite addictive. Her songs are like, the definition of pop--super catchy and utterly attractive in the multi-media format. I haven't seen a music video this...immense...since Britney Spears, probably. And before that, may I dare to compare her videos to Michael Jackson. Maybe you don't agree, but let's face it--nobody can do what Lady GaGa dares to do. It creates conclict revolution, forcing tension to create something different. Michael and Britney weren't always depicted as wonderful 100% of the time, were they? That's what made them interesting. I have this odd form of respect for her.

As for the video itself, yes it gets a little vulgar. A LOT vulgar. She went super over the line. It was a risk. Is that good to run around in undies? No. But I always try to find a reason something was done, what te story behind it was. The behind the scenes video helped. But I have to say, the clothing and makeup choice [when there was clothing] was pretty outstanding. The cigarette glasses? They left me dumbstruck. No one else could have done that. And I loved the group dancework. It was tight like a pair of skinny jeans, my friends. The song is pretty normal for her genre, catchy as always.

But you get addicted real fast.
I have a feeling Lady Gaga's fame isn't over yet.
God, she looks like Madonna something awful.

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