I've been having a shoe obsession lately. And good shoes are expensive, so I take my time on these decisions. My new shipment from Endless came today (and we ordered them Friday...with free shipping! how speedy are they?!) and they're perfect.

BC "Limousine" black leather flats: You would never believe how l ong it takes to find a high quality black flat that's not too expensive that has absolutely nothing on them. Okay, that sounds more believeable than it was supposed to...

 GH Bass & Co. "Chrissie" brown leather oxfords: I adore them, even more in person. The greatest pared down oxford ever. My family thinks I'm nutso, but they're amazing. They feel like they'd scuff easily, so I'll have to protect them.

They go well with some of my other favorites in my shoe collection:

Franco Sarto platform leather heels: I drooled over them in TJ Maxx so many times that I finally bought them. I wear them everywhere.

Minnetonka deerskin moccasins: THE best shoes I've ever owned. EVER. I literally wear them all the time, and after over a year, they still look good. I get so many complements and they go with everything. I will forever own a pair of moccasins from this day on.

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