Huzzah for Septemberfest!

Ah, the first crisp, cool day of the fall has arrived, and my mom and I decided to go to the craft show at Schaumburg's Septemberfest to celebrate. I love craft shows. Absolutely love them. It's one thing my mom and I really bond over, and she always spoils me a little bit. This was the first outdoor craft show I've been to, but it was the perfect day for it. I got to wear the scarf I made with my bright yellow jacket and oxfords, how chic!

This show had everything: pillow with beer bottle holder? Got it. Wood sculpture of Obama? Done.

It was a huge show, but was a lot of artsy fartsy decoration stuff, normal craft show fodder, but I did find a few diamonds in the rough. One thing I did like but didn't buy is the new trend of utensil jewelry. Spoons bent into rings--who'da thunk it?

There was a pianist playing in the center and I bought two of his solo piano CDs. They are incredibly relaxing and I think they're available on iTunes, but you can check out Michael Strening's website HERE. He's incredibly talented.

I also got a bracelet from MakeShift Accessories. Devin Johnson makes amazing pieces of jewelry from reclaimed parts from cars, fire extinguishers, serving platters, gears, just about anywhere. They are truly a sight to behold. I think it took me literally 20 minutes to decide which one to buy. Each of his pieces tells a story. I was tempted to buy his bangle made from an art deco keyhole with a 1920s coin on it, but I picked this one instead.

The base comes from a 1960s anniversairy platter, there's a 1 kurus coin from Turkey, and the tag is from a car factory in [what else?] Kalamazoo for checking out tools. I absolutely love the history behind each piece.

I love craft shows.
Always and forever.

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