Christmas Creations

Hope everyone's holiday went smoothly!
I was so busy I have several projects I made for everyone as presents, thought someone'd be interested...

This was actually from last month. I made a collage for my parents' 20th Anniversary. It turned out beautifully, but lemme tell you it took forever, and took me until the wee hours of the morning before to finish it. If you look closely, you can read the "Love is patient, love is kind..." quote from 1 Corinthians. Very fitting.

I made me mum a scarf for Christmas, since she always complains that my dad has one from me and not her. This is the first time I tried out the basketweave stitch (the original one was all purled and turned out as a disaster) and it came out really nice. I must admit knitting is much cheaper than sewing!

Ben got another tie from me...this one is a bit nicer than his first (I actually followed directions!) and is in Illini orange, for whenever he needs to look spirited. [By and by, I've decided that's where I'll be going to college as well!]

My friend drew this in math...adorable, no?

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