CTF: Miss Feeney

The Limited crop top
Goodwill, $2.99
Hi. I love this top. It's a lil wrinkly in this picture, but oh, is it wonderful. I've always wanted a crop top--one that wasn't too hoochified--to wear with high waisted shorts (obviously you can see I  have no high waisted shorts to wear with it yet...) and then out of the blue I found this one. It reminds me of the ones Shirley would wear in Laverne and Shirley... so it's got that vintage vibe, but it's obviously not vintage, hence my pigtails and winged eyeliner styling. It's so comfy and breezy and I want to wear it everywhere. Plus, it ties at just the right spot and fits like a charm. Love it.

PS: I just found the mother of all thrifted dresses. Friggin gorgeous.

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