So, since I'm home for the month, I thought I'd break out my sewing projects that I'd started and never finished. So I took out my Butterick 5250 that I'd cut the basic pieces out of already and got started on it once again. Now I know why I never finished it.

It's a quick pattern to sew up--it'd prolly have only took part of the day to sew all the pieces together--but I'll never finish those pants. I gave up on them an hour ago. They win the award for most disgusting fit ever. Maybe it's my body that is so out of proportion, but that crotch is ungodly. The zipped fly went in easily for my first time taking a crack at it, and the waist portion might have actually fit quite well if I'd have finished the other side of the jeans, but there was nothing that could help that poor crotch. It was like down at my knees, and there's not a lot to help a saggy crotch because there's no fabric other than the seam allowance to lift it up! I know I'm rather petite and all, but no one would look good in those jeans.


So I abandoned them. And I will not touch them again until I dismantle them and make them into a rag rug or something.

Note to self: make sure any chosen pant pattern has a crotch that will not make people confused about your gender.

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  1. lol for real. This reminds me of the time I knit some hand warmers that ended up big enough to be thigh warmers.


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