Don't Buy Sucky Products

I bought something at Sephora for the first time a few weeks ago with a gift card from Christmas. And it's kind of awesome because as expensive as their stuff is, you can try all of it for free. I know drugstore stuff is cheaper, but if you buy the wrong things and can't return them after trying them, you might spend the same amount of money trying to find good stuff. The drugstore has great stuff, but it's really tricky. I needed a new foundation after running out of Almay's TLC one (which is okay, and in February it's color is totally wrong for me but I didn't care) and was in search of a new one. I didn't see the need to buy fancy foundation, so I researched a little and hear that Maybelline Dream Matte mousse worked well for oily people like myself. So I got it in the second lightest shade because I'm pale in the winter...
And this stuff is gross and completely the wrong color and still makes me oily and broke me out and doesn't blend well at all. Do not buy this. I wasted $10 on this junk.

The Revlon Colorstay is working out really well as its replacement. I bought the lightest shade for oily skin (I was kind of bummed I was the lightest shade--skin vanity!). It smells not so great, but the color is right for me and it feels so much better on the skin. We'll see how long it lasts at my formal tonight!


  1. Hi Jo! I found your blog from the draping tutorial you did, which I came across on pinterest. Anyway, good to know on this foundation. And I feel ya on the skin vanity. I'm Colorstay's lightest shade as well.

  2. Welcome! I'm so glad to know my draping tutorial has made it to the Pinterest universe :)


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