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[Tutorial] DIY Fur Collar

Winter is Coming!

I bought a DKNY wool coat at Goodwill for $10. And it's really nice and all, it just needed a little spicing up! So I decided to use my faux chinchilla fur I've had for forever to make a fur collar to go on top. And it is just enough to make the coat look fabulous.

The Inspiration:

DIY Fur Collar Tutorial

You will need:

Faux fur (mine is from
Heavy interfacing (I had heavy fusible interfacing around)
Lining fabric (from the  scrap pile at Joann Fabrics)
Pattern paper (or old wrapping paper, like I used!)
Good fabric shears
Pins, needle, and thread
Sweater clasp or fur hooks (in the button aisle)

Let's get started!


[Tutorial] DIY Dye Palooza!

Here's a new photo tutorial for you all, I hope it helps you save time and effort in your crafting!


I Tried It: Crayon Art

Dorm room artwork on the cheap! It's actually a really fun project--I got the idea from Jenna Brown Photography, and then added my own spin on it with some vinyl letters you can pick up in the craft section at Target! You really can take a little or a lot of time, and just be careful to keep some of the crayon wrapper on to hold the crayon as it melts! No burnt fingers, now. Learn from my mistakes!

 What do you think? Tutorial? 

The lyrics are from this song:


Because I need a good chuckle every morning...

Just squeezing in a teensy more DIY before school...

Hippie at heart

 So. I decided to make a flower headpiece yesterday.
 I pretend I'm a flower child. 


[Tutorial] Where no man has gone before: Galaxy Print DIY

So... while I was bleaching one of my shirts, I accidentally spilled bleach on the black T shirt I was wearing. So I thought to myself, "the perfect time to try making a galaxy print t shirt!" And here it is. Avec tutorial. It's really foolproof. Like a monkey could do this and it would still look cool.


This is going to become a skirt

For $4, I got this ugly 80s top with amazing lace detail, but I'm turning it into a skirt! This weekend. I hope. I'll keep you posted. Tutorial?


[Tutorial] DIY High/Low skirt

Hey, all! This spring break gave the Midwest record temperatures, so I made something to go along with the steamy temperatures. It's easy, cheap, and fast. And it looks kind of awesome when you walk, so without further ado:

Take a skirt from this...                                                       to this!
 1. Find a skirt. A long one. The longer it is, the more drastic your hemline can  be. I picked out big cotton ones with bold, summer-y patterns from the Goodwill for like $3 each! First, make sure they fit you around the waist, and then worry about the hemlines.

2. Figure out where you want the short "mini" part of your skirt to start. I put on the skirt and just kind of eyeballed it, leaving enough room for seam allowance and marked it out. 
 3. Start cutting. Patiently.  Fold the skirt so that the middle front and back are on the edges, like shown. I have seen another tutorial on this skirt DIY, but the cutting style wasn't working for me. Here's my first attempt:

It just looked funny to me. So I got a little crazy with the scissors and cut a large "S" curve, cutting straight across for 8 inches or so, then curving down toward the hem, and then not finishing the final curve of the "S" until I was almost at the back hem of the skirt. Here's what the final hem looked like. The middle front is at the bottom of the picture, the middle back is at the top: 

4. You're basically done! Hemming is kind of optional, I guess. Just press the hem over twice, sew it with a machine or by hand, and you're done!

Experiment with different types of patterns and skirts!

Stay crafty, my friends.


Check out the new room!

Decked out the dorm room for the new semester, check it out!
It's DIY madness :)

Things I made: the curtains, the lofted bed skirt, the fabric "headboard," the tissue paper pom poms, the frame display above our microwave, the "Dream Big" decoration on our fridge, the clothespin photo display, all of the small posters on the wall...

Have a question on how I made any of these? Lemme know!