How my internship is like playing one of those Nancy Drew CD games & Insanity

I don't know how many people have ever played the Nancy Drew computer games, but let me tell you: they are not for ages 10 and up. They're actually quite challenging to solve without any help, and a lot of my friends [some of them post grad] who played them when they were younger still play them today. If I find used ones at a good price, I'll get them, too! They're just so fun! And their setup is exactly how my internship works: 

1) You're put into a completely different world that you start off having very little to no knowledge about before you start.
2) You are given different tasks that you have to complete for different people and to do said tasks you have to do other tasks for other people.
3) You get to a point where you've exhausted your resources and no one has any new information to give you.
4) You do a lot of tedious work on the computer for long periods of time.
5) The people working with you randomly disappear for long periods of time and are so quirky that you thought they were just exaggerating their weirdness.
6) Sometimes you have to do the same task every day, and if you forget you're in big trouble.
7) Driving all over creation to pick up supplies for a project.
8) Choosing to tell someone you completely understand what they're talking about even when you're totally lost just to sound smart for the moment.
9) Giving people food will always put you on their good side.
10) Asking so many questions that people think you're an inquisitive genius or a brown nosing teenager.


It's not like I'm large or anything, but I was starting to lose any amount of muscle my body had. I wanted to really get into even better shape (I stopped exercising since school ended) and my brother and dad have been doing Insanity, so I started the Insanity workout plan, too. I'm on Day 4 technically, but yesterday I was on the road with a friend and we did his  P90X workout instead. I must say, it's the hardest 45 minutes of my day. It is brutal. However, I like it better than P90X. You need no equipment, you get in a metric crap ton of cardio, and you're done in less than an hour. I've been really feeling it the past few days. We will see if I can stick to it and get amazing results.  If I can make it, that would make me so proud! Let's hope for that. Whoop whoop, beach body here I come!

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