No Poo Grease Monkey

Not "no poop," neanderthal.
No poo.
Short for no shampoo.
I haven't used shampoo, conditioner, or gel in over 2 weeks.
Am I crazy? Maybe.
Two weeks in and I think I have enough oil to solve the energy crisis.
I'm writing this as motivation to keep going!

The back story: 

I was home and utterly disappointed with my hair. In the past few months, it has decided it wanted to be greasy enough that I had to wash it every day to keep myself sane. My hair wasn't always like this, and I was fed up.

Plus I was having a Lorde moment and longed for my curly 'do to be as long and beautiful as hers, right after I got a not-so-little trim on my shoulder length hair. Curly hair takes eons to grow, I swear. Mine especially!

So I did my research on hair growth and long hair and curly hair and all the tips and tricks you can imagine, but I kept coming across the No Poo method. My vegan hippie of a cousin has the most beautiful curls, and she was the only person in real life I knew that used this method.
But she's a hippie.
I'm not.
Won't my hair smell?
Life without conditioner seems like a seventh layer of Hell.

But everyone on the internet was raving about the growth, strength, and manageability of their hair, not to mention how budget friendly it is. So I thought why not?

I have been experimenting with the best way to wash my hair. But the basic premise is to use baking soda to replace your shampoo and apple cider vinegar to replace your conditioner (wuuuuutttt?)... My hair without conditioner used to be an untamed beast. I won't tell you about the specifics now, since there are lots of people out there with info on how to start this.

My feelings after 2.5 weeks:

I am for sure in the transition period. Oh Lordy. There is a lotta good and a lotta WTF going on around my noggin. The good:

  • I am completely surprised that ACV is able to condition hair. I had very low expectations, but I am actually able to detangle with it! My hair isn't straw-like or dry, which is good.
  • My hair is soft and shiny (heh...see below for the cons of that!)
  • Hardly any flaky scalp (which is amazing for me this time of year)
  • Manageable wet or dry

The bad:

  •  This hair of mine is Grease City. Lord have mercy, I washed it this morning and I can just feel it sitting on top of my head. I bought a boar bristle brush which helps, but I have to hold myself back from washing every day.
  • My curls are being weird. They're not behaving "normally" as in some parts are way curlier and some parts are straight
  • That oil, though. YUCK.
They say that the transition period can be rough and to tough it out...I hope these women are right!

I'll post back in a few weeks with an update. I have high hopes!

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