Pattern Splurge-o-rama

$1.99 McCalls and $3.99 Vogue patterns at Joann's this weekend! Naturally, I splurged on my coveted patterns. 8 patterns in all: [from left, top row] Vogue 8379, McCall's 5847, McCall's 5052, McCall's 5525, Vogue 2961. [From left, bottom row] McCall's 5633, Vogue 1102, Vogue 1016

I am somewhat broke, so I had to turn away from the deliciousness of things like the Vogue 1161. Super sad about that one. The back is pretty fierce. But I thought: "Well, wear would I wear it...but the seaming is beautiful...the butt's a little weird...but you love back details....!" Arghhh. Maybe I'd never use it, I don't know. I get patterns that I'll probably never use. A lot of my vintage reprints from Butterick are way too fancy for any of the places I go. And yet, you still buy them.
The pattern in the corner of the first picture is the first pattern I ever wanted. I remember how badly. It had beautiful draping and was--dare I say it-- sexy? Well, what else could a girl want when she's 12 years old, right? I still love that dress. But it looks like suchhhh the pain in the you-know-what. But since it was $3.99, I bought it for nostalgic purposes. Who knows? One day I may need to make 4 formal dresses [if I do I am all set times a billion].

Other things that excite me: the Vogue 8379 is supposed to be a flawless pattern. My previous knit dress experience did not go as well as planned. Maybe I should invest in some better jersey? Ew. Money.

Another one of my sought after Vogue patterns, the illustrious 1102. I have a weakness for backless and back detailed things. They make me melt.
And finally, the trench pattern to end all trench patterns.... McCall's 5525: When I get my hands in some delicious fabric for this trench... Yum. Not a project for the near future, but it's the best trench pattern I've seen for the Big Four companies.

How could anyone need any more patterns? Beats me, but I love the therapudic nature of cutting pattern pieces. The paper, not the fabric. I do it when I'm stressed out, so I need a plethora of patterns to choose from!

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