Wardrobe Challenge: Italy

Ah, beautiful Tuscany... where I happen to be spending 9 or so days in June and July!

So here's the challenge: create articles of clothing that I bring along on the trip. Sounds easy right? Not right. Siena might not be the hottest place I've been to, but there's a ton of walking and Italians always look effortlessly brilliant. I've got some competition here. Egads!

Possible clothing choices:
Non Bermuda long short things: McCall's 5633 [attained]
Shorts: Simplicity 3850 [attained]

Blouse: Simplicity 2584 [attained]

Comfy-but-chic sweater with a delicious, hard to find sweater knit for the plane: Burda 12/09 119 [attained]

Never-wrinkle-for-a-moment jersey dress: Vogue 8369 [attained]

And those are the ones I'm considering. But I have others I wanna try out. Maybe.
I have always wanted the pattern above. So badly.

Am I crazy? Has anyone worked with any of these patterns? Do they look smashing? I am dying waiting to find out!

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