Buttload of new stuff:

Ahh...enjoying my Taro Gomi coloring book and oil pastels...they're my new favorite medium--they just do what you want!


Great golly gosh there were so many things I needed to share, so here they are in one big heap:

First of all: mum and I went to the Goodwill, a) to drop off 7 bags of things we don't need and then b) to look for hilarious white elephant gifts (our family is kind of beastly at finding hilarious, grotesque presents for the exchange on New Year's Eve). So can you guess what I found? Probably not. It's a necklace--with a sloth charm!

Most people don't even know what a sloth looks like, let alone seen one in the flesh, let alone PET one. But...I have! The world's only sloth rescue center is in Costa Rica, and we visited it on vacation a few years back. They're slow but the babies are sooooo cute! Wook at their widdle thwee toesies and big eyesss! [Note: I prefer animal babies much more than human ones.] They just kinda sit and hang at the top of trees, but they sometimes grab onto electrical lines and their limbs have to be amputated...SOB!

On a separate note: April Burda came!! As predicted, the safari stuff is nothing to be wowed over. I really like the classic section as I thought I would, but that's about it. Crafts, as usual: abominable. More in depth with pictures to follow.
I began my Allusion dress as planned, incredibly simple, and as always ADJUSTMENTS! Higher neckline (no hoochie for Easter dresses!) It's a dress not a top like the pattern is designed for, there's a bias waistband, and then I'm finishing the inside with Hong Kong finishes [which is new for me]. Oof! Not to mention the stripes REFUSE to line up... you match two and ten down they're off again--WTH? Probably the stretch's fault: HUMPH.

"Oh, it can't be any worse, Joanna," I thought. THEN I tried on the skirt...

Can you say "So-Totally-Not-Pride&Prejudice-Hoochie-Miss-Look-at-My-Butt?" Gosh, I was cursed with an otherwise useful and curvy tush...but not what I was going for...there goes another $12 for more fabric! UGH. It kinda reminds me of the late 90s early 2000s skirts, like in Mean Girls.
Not that I don't adore Mean Girls!

It's just...not Regency skirt material. I'd prefer to not have people saying some "Hail Marys" on Easter, when I hope to wear it.


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