What now, oh Mighty One?

It seems like I am at a standstill. Schoolwork is overbearing, but just one more week until Spring Break! If I know what I'm making now, I can finish it by the Tuesday off that week. Odious college visits are taking over Wednesday and Thursday.

Perhaps my Allusion Dress will begin construction? I don't think I have enough fabric, but I'll get some more next Friday [25% off EVERYTHING coupon! love it.]

I'm not really feelin' it right now though.

I kinda want to spend my dinero on other things. My momma spoiled me and bought that
octopus ring that I really wanted. Looking forward to owning it! I guess she felt bad because her Chemistry students always put the stuffed octopus on their heads. I gave that to her as a Mothers Day gift! Look how well she treats it. Like garbage--or a hat--for her students that may be lice-ridden!

Some mother.

So worth it though.

Actually, there's some other stuff I'm craving like a Creamsicle that I'd love to spend money on, well, if I had much:1. A Taro Gomi coloring book! For ages 4-8 ,great for children with disabilities...perfect for a 16 and-a-half year old [who found out yesterday that she is in the 98th percentile of her class!] It's not like you color in lines--they tell you what to draw! It'll be smashing on my trip to Italy Puerto Rico! (We decided on Puerto Rico instead: my brother could never handle all the art and history.)

Other stuff that I'm feelin' includes: vintage jewelry, retro stuff, Mary Frances clutches, Lady Gaga [for whatever reason], deep conditioning, lip stain, and hair accessories. Who knows where my money will end up?

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