What I'm loving:Toms and Sanuks

Maybe it's just the inclimate feeling of Spring I felt walking home, but I realized how much I was craving not-sandal-sandal-eco-friendly-shoes.

These are Toms Shoes: buy one and he sends a pair to a kid who needs 'em. How amazing is that?

Not to mention that some of them are vegan, and all of these shoes are absolutely adorable!

And these are Sanuks!

As the sandal-shoe hybrid, they breathe and bend but are perfect for people like moi who have abnormally long toes and would prefer to wear shoes anyway. Plus, they're made of natural and recycled materials. I. Must. Have. Seriously: being a universal do-gooder and chic footwear never made such a perfect match.

Yep, I'm definitely getting married in Toms.

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