The Exigence Coat

Exigence: (n). In rhetoric, an issue, problem, or situation that causes or prompts someone to write or speak.

I am naming all of my future projects with terms from rhetoric, and boyy did I need some exigence to finish this coat. It just kind of sat for a long time after I cut it back in December, and it was kind of a pain to finish, but here's the stats:

Fabric: Orange wool/nylon blend from fabric.com
Pattern: Burda 7735 [with major alterations]
Difficulty level: Intermediate to Advanced

Alterations: Oh my gosh. Here we go. First of all, I chopped off 5 inches from the bottom before even cutting the fabric, and still took a little off more later. Second, I only used 6 rather than something like 12 buttons, so only on the front. I got rid of that stupid tab in the back. I made the collar pointy instead of rounded by just continuing the straight lines on the collar pattern piece to form a point. I also got rid of the cuffs on the sleeves by measuring the cuff length and adding that much to each of the sleeve pieces. THEN I added bound buttonholes AND single-welt pockets!

Man I was ambitious.

And now, I will model my beautiful and pride-filling coat in a totally impractical shade of lipstick and my favorite sunnies.

Bound buttonholes, anyone?
Pattern notes: I didn't really care for this Burda pattern. They don't tell you there's a back yoke until you cut the pieces out, so if you don't like that look don't use this pattern. Some other pieces are evil. The bottom hem I had to do twice, and the singlewelt pockets don't always sit right. The bound buttonholes alone took me hours to figure out. I did find an easier way to do them. Expect a tutorial? Yeah, right.

I forgot to mention I got my hair done at a salon for the first time yesterday and I had em blow it out. Suh-weet, huh? And the coat is all wrinkly because I've worn it everywhere.

I'll be uploading to BurdaStyle soon! And keep a look out for my next [much easier and faster] project.

Love y'all...if there's any of you out there reading.

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