Next Up: Pants!

I've wanted to sew pants for a long time... How very foreign to a teenager brought up amidst the exposed midriffs and "ultra low rise." Mind you, I like higher waisted pants. I'm a size 4 petite. My legs are made for a person three inches shorter than me. So with a high waist that's not granny styled, I look pretty long and lean. I've seen some nice high waisted pants done by stitchywitchy on BurdaStyle with the Vogue 8604...really nice color and shape...but that darn front fly makes all the difference to me! I cannot imagine walking around my high school in jeans with a zipper in the back. Fashion suicide. But then, I found its counterpart [with front fly!] that was on sale at Joann for 99 cents. I give you, the Butterick 5250. It's just perfect...I think. I saw one version of it that looked real nice somewhere online. I am really hoping denim wil work for this, too, because I don't have anywhere to wear a work pant. (By the way, I don't think I have a summer job anymore, due to some implosion of problems for the company. Nobody tells me anything, I just want my paycheck!) This really could be a disaster, but I have to try this one out. I kind of like the two pleats version...no belt, no buttons, very simple. I dunno about the whole "no waistband" thing either, but similar creations have turned out quite nicely. This will be my first attempt at a pant, and I'm quite excited about it once I have time for it....are you?

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