I Make Weird Yet Thoughtful Things


I failed at making ginger ale. It looks nothing like ginger ale. It tastes nasty. Nasty, I tell you. Actually I think it fermented so long that I was actually starting to make ginger hooch...that would explain the burning throat...

Arthur helped.


I'm attempting to make ginger ale again. This time I boiled the ginger in water first (It looked like chicken floating around in there!) and I achieved somewhat of a gingerish color. Good start. I'll give you updates as I let it ferment. If I ever use this for company, I'll prolly just use club soda! Yeast makes the color funny.


As everyone knows in the Midwest who does not live under a rock, the Bears vs. Packers game is tomorrow, and as a late Xmas present, I made my great aunt a housedress to wear tomorrow--she adored it! She loves that I sew :)

Isn't she adorable? Today she told me Vanna White looks like a hooker when she wears red. She's got sass for an 87-year-old with cancer!

Go Bears!

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