An Update of Sorts

ONE: I once again failed at ginger ale. No bubbles.

I think my mom spit it out...

TWO: I just got home from seeing the Chicago Shakespeare Theater performance of  "As You Like It." I laughed. I yelled. I almost cried. It was the funniest and raunchiest of Shakespeare's comedies that I know! It's a bit long but it just keeps you so into it when the actors are right friggin there in front of you. Orlando goes shirtless, for Pete's sake!

Touchstone was my favorite :) Funniest actor onstage!

THREE: I have sought a pair of boots for so long and they just came today in the mail. Heaven!

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  1. I read your entire blog today and it took me back to my high school days spent sewing, in band, doing math, spending time with my family and boyfriend, etc, LOTS of years ago, the early 70's. It is great seeing someone your age enjoying sewing the way that you do and you are so good at it, I have to wonder who taught you. My grandmother taught me all kinds of craft things from when I was very young, 6 or 8, plus cooking, what memories. One of your posts mentions bound buttonholes and then another took me to this site, you have probably seen this, but just incase: http://www.colettepatterns.com/blog/tutorials-tips-tricks/how-to-use-the-dritz-bound-buttonhole-tool. Keep up the awesome work!!


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