CTF: Mad Women

Banana Republic satin top
Goodwill, $4.99

I love this top. This may be my favorite top I've ever owned. Ever. I look so thin and sexy and I feel thin and sexy. Oh yeah, it cost me less than 5 bucks. I found it on my first trip to my favorite local Goodwill, and I've been going there regularly ever since. My tip for you: find a thrift store near rich people. They give away stuff I can't regularly afford and barely ever (if ever) wear it. I don't think this top had been worn before I bought it. Plus this shoot gave me a reason to try my E.L.F. $1 liquid eyeliner. It works rather well! I needed some for my friend's grad party tomorrow. Traditional Indian garb--woohoo! Totally excited to wear a sari and everything.

One more thing: I took this picture today. It's unretouched, just cropped.
I thought it was cool.

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