Faux Leather Sandals 
Twice is Nice Thrift Store, $2.00
I call these my Jesus sandals. Actually, they are my second pair of Jesus sandals. I really love this style...kind of like gladiator sandals but not as obnoxious looking. It's really hard to find a basic brown sandal like these nowadays. In the last years they were more popular, so I got my F21 original Jesus sandals pretty easily. Now they're all weird colors and designs, and I finally came upon this pair by happenstance at my local thrift store. They're a little small and no support for your feet whatsoever but I do adore them, even more than my last pair. These ones don't cut off at the ankle, so I don't look as stumpy! I'm so proud of the sale that went down, it went something like this:

Me: "Are these sandals really four dollars? That's what I pay at a regular store for these shoes."
Cashier: "How about for $2.00?"
Me: "Done."

Bartering just isn't something you can do at Goodwill. But I need to practice for vacation! By the way, my mom and I just went on a Goodwill shopping spree, got some amazing stuff to share!

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