Insanity Update!

Check out my progress! This is one month's work of Insanity...I didn't really realize it was working until I compared these pictures. It's a lot of time [especially the second month, the workouts are really long] and effort [it kicks your butt] but I'm motivated to finish before Christmas! I am into the second week of Month 2, and I gotta say--it is already showing results. I wake up and look in the mirror and I'm happy.

It's motivating me to eat healthier, too. I'm  doing a lot better this month with eating better because I think to myself "You were dead on the floor a few hours ago, don't cancel it out!" 

FYI: This is my second time doing Insanity, and it's just as hard...but once you finish that first week, you feel like you can do it. And you can!

This makes me laugh way too much, I'm sure all my Insanity chums will appreciate this, too:

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