My cravings and how I actually tried to deal with it for once.

Anyone who knows me knows I love a lot of things. One of the big things I love is food. Some of my favorite foods are healthy, like pomegranates, and some of them...well...they're not.
I'm a chocoholic--like big time. Especially when I am stressed [hello, college], and I keep emergency chocolate for when I'm having a bad day. But I don't eat one piece. I eat a whole bar. Maybe two. Maybe three (okay, that was only once). Anyway, I have never been able to limit my chocolate intake. Or sweets in general. Last spring when I gave up sweets for Lent...most miserable time in my life. 

Anyway, so finals are coming up and I have this craving for the mint chocolate Blue Bunny ice cream they sell on campus and I bought it. The one with ooey gooey fudge swirls in it! And I ate--some of it! I had a few spoonfuls and then my stomach got upset and I stopped. Big deal!
Food Product
I'm hoping this whole "eating relatively healthy" thing is doing its job. I kick my butt so hard while exercising there's no point in me exercising if it's just going to cancel out with sweets and stuff. This will be hard to execute on Friday--I'm going to my favorite Mexican restaurant!

Wish me luck.

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