Relief, much?

It is finally a relaxing weekend, full of excitement, Cranberry Sierra Mist, and musicals.

But who can forget the sewing?! My coat will be making its debut completely finished on Saturday at a production of Beauty and the Beast, where I may or may not run into my boyfriend's entire family...gotta dress to impress!

Pictures coming soon--my hair looks awful right now.

I have cut out the pieces for my Swiss dot tunic...yahoo? It's only a couple pieces, even though I added a lining for morality's sake, so it should go by pretty fast.

This is what I think as I cut patterns:

I'm not going to have enough fabric.
Why doesn't a rotary cutter work better?
Stupid pins.
Keira Knightley is amazing in Pride and Prejudice.
Fray-ing li-ning.
Ugh. Go faster!
Shoot...don't go faster!
Dang, Mr. Darcy is delicious.
These little dots are hard to cut through...
I so don't want a zipper on this thing.
Stupid cat. Get off of my fabric!
Will this make me look fat?

Gotta love sewing.
And Senor Darcy. *faints*

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