Oh, Burda, Burda Burda.

As a Christmas gift last December, my great aunt was sweet enough to buy me an entire year's subscription to Burda Magazine. Most sewers know it, but if you don't it's a German-based pattern monthly magazine with about 30 patterns in it.

Sounds like heaven, eh?
Not exactly.
Seam allowance is not included, and to make the patterns fit nicely they must overlap each other, meaning YOU have to trace and cut them out. Instructions on all but one "learning" pattern are limited with no pictures.
That's correct. Plus, most patterns I wouldn't dare touch because they're totally failing at looking contemporary. They try. But every so often there's a diamond in the rough! I'll review my finds since the December '09 issue some other day. But with the April issue just around the corner, I've been looking through the website previews. I never look at the full preview--that's cheating!

This time around, I'm not really diggin' the safari. I dunno, there was nothing really interesting in that teeny weeny picture. There are some in more muted tones I'm fond of:

This is my favorite! I have a blouse just like this from Old Navy, and it is THE best top I've ever owned.

This could be good. I can't tell with the cutesy kitten in the way.

Eh, the dress is safe, but that's better than morbidly trendy.

Despite popular criticisms, I've actually enjoyed the past few issues,; there are some really nice pieces in there! (I'll share later, I promise)

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