Chi Town for Suburbanites

I live about an hour west of Chicago. It's really not that far, and super easy if you take the train. But people out here really don't go into the city a lot, which perplexes me. My family never goes downtown, but I got the chance a few days ago to go for lunch with my boyfriend's uncle. Millenium Park has been there for years, but I've never visited it, and so after we ate a hearty meal, we traipsed through it and the new wing of the Art Institute. It's all incredibly beautiful and well-kept...it's a place that you can really appreciate all of the architecture of the city, because nothing is blocking your view.

Everyone needs a picture in front of the Bean!

But I think I have THE coolest picture from the underside of the Bean. You can count the number of reflections because Ben conveniently wore orange:

I hadn't been to the new wing of the Art Institute, and some parts were...eh...but there was this room dedicated to awesome furniture! Now that is art I'll appreciate. Everything in this picture I would have in my house. For sure. My favorite is the lamp with the hologram of a light bulb in the center:

Ben's not much of an art guy, but he was so sweet about going anyway.

It was awesome to be back in the city.

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