White Girl Fro, Yo.

Hey all. This week is absolutely insane, I'm at school for NHS and marching band basically all day, and I needed something to relax after I got home...
I have my chamomile tea, a hot shower, and this:

Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise.

I've heard rave reviews about how soft it makes your hair (always my problem) and it seemed like a nice way to chill. Off to Walgreens I went, bought some and some of my new favorite nail polish (I'll post a ton about this brand. It's absolutely amazing) and went home.

I don't exactly fit with the normal clientele of this brand, i.e. I ain't black, but my mom always jokes that I have black girl hair. If I'm swimming or it's windy, I'll get all the hairs shooting straight up; that's the white girl fro. And it needs all the moisture it can find, and it is really curly. So, that leads me to the reason for purchasing it. 

Now it's up in my hair right this second, and the kinda minty smell is a great alternative to actual mayo. Real mayonnaise makes your hair silky smooth, but the smell is volatile. We'll see. White girl say what?

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